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Quas leaving Esport

League of Legends pro Diego “Quas” Ruiz was suspended from Team Liquid. The reason for this is a an incident in TL’s HQ. Meanwhile Quas admited that the real reason is depression and anxiety issues.

Is it time that esport are going to need to do a lot of self-educating on signs of psychological distress in their members?
Quas mentioned in his Facebook Page

“IN THE LAST 3 days of my life, I’ve shared, and I’ve connected with people in ways that I hadn’t done, nor had believed possible, I can feel what people try to express myself, anger, fear, pain, doubts, I can compare Something that doesn’t sound right to me, and by doing this, I’m forging a relationship indescribable, for which I can listen to the message below the mask, I can spot that emotion.

Human beings have things that we want to hide from us, we feel shame about specific things in our lives, we are controlled by certain people, and under the control of other people, razionalisamos the feelings that other express toward us, and vice versa, I’m gonna spend the rest Of my life trying to connect with others and feel these emotions with them, and I hope to help heal your pain, and to heal the people from the pain that I was very present, and I was depressed from these human emotions all my life.”

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