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Diamondprox Leaves Unicorns Of Love, Steeelback And Fox Will Be Next

Things are looking down for Unicorns of Love today after they announced via their Facebook page that Diamondprox won’t be returning for the Summer Split. “It is with a very heavy heart that we announce that Diamondprox will not come back to Unicorns of Love.” stated the Unicorns of Love Organization. They also went on to add “We truly treasure every moment we can spend with our Unicorns – in Diamond’s case, we have learned so much from his experience and his dedication. Danil has been an incredible friend, a positive mind, an extremly skilled player and a loyal colleague.” Handling the situation with class. Diamondprox has not had a comment on the situation as of now.

A few weeks ago ESPN reported that Steeelback and Fox of Unicorns Of Love were also interested in leaving the EU LCS to move to the NA LCS. Info leaked last week that both Steeel and Fox would be playing for Immortals challenger team, however the rumor fell through as Immortals announced that they decided against creating a Challenger team. It’s become rather apparent that these two are not going to be staying around with the Unicorns of Love organization, as UOL stated on Facebook, “Our roster will experience some changes -more details about it soon to come.” Between ESPN reporting that Steeel and Fox no longer wanted to be on the team it’s 95% safe to assume there’s going to be 3/5ths of a new roster playing for UOL in upcoming Summer Split. With a lack of talented free agents available, and EU LCS simply not paying as much as other regions it’s very possible UOL will become a relegation team this Summer.

Diamondprox is targeting the NA LCS, however no potential suitors have been named to this point. According to Unicorns Of Love Diamondprox did not want to make a long term commitment to staying with the team as they would have had to get the Visa issues sorted out soon, stating “We have been working hard on several options, and they are either extremely expensive, or committing him too much regarding his long term life decisions. We had a short but awesome time with Diamondprox, and totally respect his will to now go to NA, where they can deliver the required VISA to play.”

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