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Riot Moves Ryze Rework Ahead Of Yorick’s Rework

At some point yesterday Riot, creators of League of Legends decided to update their “Update Schedule“. Before yesterday the two things on the updates list were the Mid-Season Magic Mage rework, followed by a rework for Yorick, The Gravedigger. Yorick has been in the game since June 22nd, 2011, nearly 5 years with little to no updates to his gameplay as well as a very low play percentage. No one plays Yorick in solo queue, no one plays Yorick in competitive because he’s about 110% useless after the laning phase.

The update to the update schedule included Ryze’s rework jumping ahead of Yorick’s rework which just seems absolutely insane. Ryze was reworked multiple times, most recently less than a year ago. This will be the third time they blow up Ryze and attempt to make him a more “balanced” champion, which by doing this for a third time now Riot has clearly shown they’re not exactly sure how they want Ryze’s kit to work. No other champion has ever had a third rework, this case becoming the first time ever.

Sorry all ten of you Yorick players, maybe by the end of the season they’ll have finally taken care of The Gravedigger. Or maybe another champion will jump ahead of him in the rotation, who knows. Some other champions that are in need of some love and could desperately use a rework before Ryze are Galio, Shaco, Nunu, Kayle and Singed. All of which feel old, clunky or simply aren’t played in the present version of League of Legends.

Following the past champion updates that have gone through we estimate that the Ryze rework will be done in June, while Yorick’s may be waiting to about September or October.

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