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Maxlore To Sign With Giants, Replacing Wisdom

Giants Gaming announced this morning that Tae-Wan “Wisdom” Kim will be departing the team. Wisdom appears to want to go back to competing in South Korea rather than Europe. According to Giants’ press release he wasn’t comfortable his in environment stating “Tae-Wan joined the team attempting to consolidate in Europe as one of the best players in the region, but unfortunately occidental way of life turned out to be impossible to assimilate at the moment for him so he has decided to continue with his career in South Korea.” Before Wisdom played for Giants he played for the world famous KOO Tigers who he helped finish second place in Worlds, he made a bold decision to come to a bottom tier team of the EU LCS.

The even bigger news of this story is that Maxlore is going to be departing Inspire eSports to sign with Giants Gaming according to Jacob Wolf of ESPN.

This summer will be Maxlore’s first ever season in the LCS. Maxlore’s previous team Inspire eSports fell to Team Huma in the EUCS Spring Playoffs.

Giants may also be going forward without their mid laner xPePii. xPePii expressed interest in moving to the NA LCS near the end of the Spring Split however it doesn’t appear that any team is going to be jumping on that in the NA scene as there’s bigger names also attempting to make the move over to NA which still haven’t found a team. If we had to place a bet on it xPePii will be back for the 2016 Summer Split with Giants Gaming.

You can follow Maxlore on Twitter here.

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