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All 2016 Mid Season LCS Roster Changes Thus Far

This has been one of the busiest mid season breaks the LCS scene has ever seen as far as players moving from team to team go. We have players moving between regions, from the Challenger Series up into the LCS as much more. This article is going to catch you up completely on every change that’s taken place to both the NA LCS and the EU LCS rosters thus far. We’ll be organizing this by Region, and then by team. We’ll start with the NA LCS.

North American LCS Roster Moves

The following teams had no roster changes.
Counter Logic Gaming
Team Liquid
Team Impulse
Echo Fox

Team SoloMid
Leaving: YellowStar
Joining: Currently having Support tryouts

Cloud 9
Leaving: Hai, Rush, Balls
Joining: Meteos, Impact, BunnyFuFuu (Promoted from substitute) [Not official, reputable sources]

Leaving: Impact, Moon, Altec, KonKown
Joining: Quas, Santorin, KiWiKiD
NRG Still has an opening at AD Carry

European LCS Roster Moves

The following teams had no roster changes.
G2 eSports

Leaving: Klaj (Moved to Challenger Series team)
Joining: YellowStar [Unconfirmed]

Leaving: Forg1ven

Unicorns of Love
Leaving: Diamondprox, Steeelback [Unconfirmed], Fox [Unconfirmed]

Leaving: Edward, NoXiAK, Tabzz, fredy122 (Moved to substitute)

Leaving: Nisbeth (Moved to substitute)
Joining: Mikyx

Leaving: Wisdom
Joining: Maxlore

With plenty of left open roster spots there’s surely more news to come in the following weeks to fill the missing slots. As news comes available we’ll be sure to keep you posted. A lot of European LCS players have been looking to move to the North American LCS scene but with so little spots to fill not everyone will be able to make it and will inevitably end up back in the EU LCS.

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