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Diamondprox possibly targeted by Apex’s LCS team — Eve suspended

News broke this morning that Eve of newly placed LCS team Apex Gaming has been suspended by the team for “disciplinary reasons”. The suspension is indefinite, leaving an slight opening at the Jungler position for Apex. Shrimp currently sits as the back up to Eve, and even got play time in the promotion/relegation tournament in March. While Shrimp is a formidable low tier LCS Jungler, Apex may be looking to make a splash.

ESPN reported just a few days ago that Diamondprox was in negotiations with Apex’s Challenger team in a move that would bring him to the North American scene, which he has been open about wanting to do. With the sudden suspension of Eve it seems as if he may even get the bump up to the starting LCS squad, and to be honest it makes sense for Apex. Apex as it stands now most likely will be a bottom half team in the NA LCS, but with a potential All Star in Diamondprox they may be good enough to move into the middle of the pack and make a possible playoff appearance in a closely contested NA LCS.

Diamondprox most recently played with Gambit, and went on a loan to Unicorns of Love, however he didn’t get much play time due to Visa issues holding him back from competing in the European LCS. In North American LCS in general it seems teams have much less issues with Visas as they do in Europe. Only time will tell if Diamondprox ends up on Apex’s Challenger team, or if he’ll end up starting over Shrimp on the LCS team. A reason for Eve’s ban has not yet been confirmed, but the vast majority of the community believes it was for elo boosting. For any updates regarding the suspension of Eve, and whom his replacement may be you can follow Apex on Twitter here, or stay peeled to LoLNews.com.

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