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CLG BEATS SKT T1 — Mid-Season Invitational Day Three Was Chaos

Competitive League of Legends is typically pretty simple. Korea > China > Everyone else, except today. The day started very usual, a match up between Royal and Flash Wolves which no one would be surprised if it went either way, but Royal in front of their home crowd grabbed away a victory from Flash Wolves. Then stuff just started to get weird. The unanimous best team in the world, SKT T1 faced off with Counter Logic Gaming on the big stage in Shanghai and everyone expected a blood bath due to what is perceived as such a weak North American contestant. Oh, and by the way they lost to SuperMassive yesterday, the International Wild Card from Turkey. And somehow, someway, SKT T1 gets totally tiled and drops a game against HotshotGG’s Counter Logic Gaming. Remember two weeks ago when everyone was on the “Stixxay sucks isn’t even LCS caliber” bandwagon? Uhh, he’s playing pretty great on an international scale as a rookie.

To continue upon the awkward path that day three started upon, the next match up was G2 against International Wild Card SuperMassive. G2 has been caught up in some drama and some questioned if they would even bother finishing MSI, or if they would just take a few weeks off. They showed up and got their first win against SuperMassive who had just beaten CLG yesterday, who beat SKT T1 today!

The next match of the day featured Flash Wolves vs SKT T1, a chance for SKT to redeem themselves after an embarrassing loss to CLG. Nope, they fell flat on their face and dropped the second match of the day. The day finished off with G2 losing, again as expected, and CLG redeeming themselves against SuperMassive. If you never followed competitive League of Legends until today, your thought process might be: China > North America > Wherever Flash Wolves is from > Europe > Turkey > Korea. Aren’t eSports fun?!

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