Stixxay should be considered North America’s best AD carry

Stixxay adc

During the off season Stixxay joined CLG as a rookie with low expectations. With big shoes left for him with the departure of Doublelift, Stixxay was predicted to be a bottom half LCS tier AD carry. Throughout the regular season Stixxay performed above expectations finishing in the top half of AD carries in KDA, and built up a good synergy with support, Aphromoo. Throughout the Spring Split CLG’s play style was typically about micro management and playing as a team to take down objectives more efficiently than the other team while not necessarily relying on team fighting to win games. They would send Darshan top on a strong split pusher like Fiora or Jax and keep him in that lane, only fighting around his teleport and catching people out by rotating better than the other team. CLG finished second place in the North American Spring split regular season, but then the meta shifted and so did CLG’s play style. Between the final weeks of the Spring NA LCS regular season and the playoffs the meta shifted in a way that you must play a tank top lane if you want to win, mostly due to item buffs and a few small champion buffs. Darshan no longer was the identity of CLG starting in the North American Playoffs, instead the team started building around Stixxay.

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Stixxay had a relatively quiet role in CLG’s success during the regular season as he was not relied on to do as much, which is typically good as a rookie. The bot lane became the focus of CLG’s play style as the Spring Split playoffs started, Stixxay mostly on Caitlyn and Kalista paired up with arguably NA’s best support Aphromoo. “Rush Hour” was often considered the best bot lane in the NA LCS for the past few seasons, in the Spring Split playoffs Aphromoo and rookie Stixxay (who don’t have a nickname, yet.) continued on the past success of the CLG bot lane. CLG won the Spring Split playoffs and qualified for the Mid-Season Invitational behind Aphromoo and Stixxay carrying multiple games against NA top tier opponents Piglett, and Doublelift. Stixxay did appear shaky at times when CLG opted not to lane swap and play a standard 2v2 match up. Eventually he would find his stride towards the end of the Spring Split playoffs winning finals MVP against TSM, and into MSI.

At MSI it’s been very clear that CLG is relying on Stixxay to win games. Darshan has mostly been playing tanks as that’s the current meta up top, Huhi on a safe mid laner, and Xmithie playing a top tier jungler, leaving Stixxay expected to be the main source of damage in CLG’s compositions. Luckily for Stixxay he has an amazing support in Aphromoo to help him make plays as he plays position oriented champions Caitlyn and Kalsita who put out high DPS when positioned correctly in team fights. Everyone else survives and CCs while Stixxay shoots. CLG using this team composition at the Mid Season Invitational through day 4 has beaten what’s considered the world’s top two teams SKT T1 and Royal Never Give Up with Stixxay being the MVP in both games with most kills as well as most damage dealt to enemy champions. Stixxay, who mind you is a rookie, is showing up on the International stage against some of the best AD carries on the best teams in the world and winning games in a team composition built around him.

The claim for Stixxay being North America’s best AD carry may be a bit bold when Piglett and Doublelift currently play in NA, however they had their shot to beat CLG in the playoffs to represent themselves at MSI as the better players. Stixxay certainly makes a claim for the AD carry in NA.

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