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Freeze leaves Renegades, joins H2K — Seraph and Ninja to depart as well

In an unusual move Freeze has opted to leave Renegades in order to join H2K gaming. According H2K’s official Facebook post “Today we officially welcome Ales ‘Freeze’ Knezinek as H2K’s new ADC going into the Summer Split… With the recent influx of new champions and game format changes, we think that the new meta will be an exciting time for H2K. We’re counting on Freeze to spark some new rivalries in the bot lane and to achieve our goal of proudly representing the EU at Worlds this year.” Freeze went on to add

“I’m happy to announce that I will be playing under the banners of H2K. I’m confident that we will qualify for worlds and represent EU well.”

What’s next for Renegades is uncertain. Freeze announced on his stream (not in English so this is a rough translation) that he was going to stay with the Renegades organization until it was decided that both Seraph and Ninja would be leaving too. No announcement has been made as to where Seraph and Ninja are going to be playing and there’s also no rumors at this time. Renegades will be left with a massive gap at ADC, Mid, and Top lane. With the learning of the departure of three key players it’s uncertain what will happen to the remaining players on the Renegades roster, Hakuho and Crumbzz. Crumbzz may not get much play in the free agent pool if he does decide to search for another team, but Hakuho may be able to land himself in a better position if Renegades cannot replace their lost players with players he thinks are suitable.

One name to look out for would be Fox of Unicorns of Love deciding to move over the Renegades, as ESPN reported in April that he was looking to move to the North American LCS with team mate Steeelback who’s remaining in Europe for team Roccat. This is the first opening where Fox may actually have a chance at the NA LCS. Tabzz is also a name to watch out for as he’s had interest in moving to North America, he could possibly fill the shoes of Freeze.

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