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YellowStar Rejoins Fnatic — It’s Official!

Fnatic released this pretty epic YouTube video, announcing that YellowStar is in fact rejoining Fnatic. (as if we didn’t see that coming, right?) This was a very unique way to announce YellowStar’s return to his former team, looks like they had awhile to work on it. YellowStar or Fnatic haven’t yet commented on the adding of YellowStar back to the roster besides this video and this one tweet from YellowStar:

TSM however did release a statement about this moving of YellowStar stating “We are announcing the departure of Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim from the TSM organization. As such, we would like to thank Yellowstar for his time and efforts on the team. He was an excellent presence and mentor to the team, and everyone had much to learn from him. His time spent on the team was meaningful to us, and we wish him the best of luck for the future. Merci beaucoup, Yellowstar!” Class act as always from TSM. Fnatic fans are clamoring at the possibility to take back their crown in the 2016 Summer Split.

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