unicorns of love new roster

Unicorns of Love add Move, Exileh, and Veritas

If you’re a Unicorns of Love fan today might have not been the best day for you. Today news broke that Unicorns of Love have added three new players to their roster to fix a depleted roster after Steeelback, Fox, and loulex have all went their separate ways. Move, Exileh, and Veritas all will be joining Unicorns of Love for the 2016 EU LCS Summer split. Move, previously of Gravity Gaming for the 2015 NA Summer Split will be jungling for UoL after taking the 2016 Spring split off following the sale of his previous team. The new AD carry Exileh does not have much pro experience, coming from the Oceanic region he got his start with Avant Garde and eventually moved to the North American Challenger Series team Final Five which eventually rebranded to Vortex. Vortex performed horribly in the Challenger Series and eventually disbanded. He has not played competitively since Spring 2015. The last new member Exileh who will be playing Mid for UoL is most known for being a temporary substitute for Ninjas in Pyjamas back when they were still an LCS relevant team. All in all, these are very weak additions for Unicorns of Love, making them have possibly the weakest roster in the EU LCS. Only time will tell as the Summer split is fast approaching.

unicorns of love new roster

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As for the former members of UoL, they’ve all moved on to better situations however if they had stayed with their original UoL roster they all might have been better off. Steeelback joined a new and improved ROCCAT roster after attempting for move to the NA LCS for quite a few weeks. There were no spots in the NA LCS and it didn’t appear Steeelback wanted to play in the North American Challenger Series either. Fox recently signed with new EU LCS team Schalke 04, owned by the German soccer club Schalke 04 which also has a fairly weak roster. Loulex who served as stand in jungler for Diamondprox is no longer with a team.

All in all, Unicorns of Love new roster is just flat out weak. They have three players with very little professional experience combined with only retaining their lackluster players from the previous split. If Unicorns of Love isn’t a bottom three team of the 2016 Summer Split that should be looked at as a huge victory and will speak volumes about the organization its self being able to grow inexperienced talent.

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