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Exclusive MSI Q & A with CLG Yoona got a chance to get a quick Q & A in with CLG’s very own Yoona! Yoona has been a substitute ADC on Counter Logic Gaming since February of this year and had some great answers to some questions we got to ask him while he was at the Mid-Season Invitational with the team. Yoona is a very down to earth guy and we very much appreciate the time he took to answer our questions, so without further ado here’s the Q & A! You can check out Yoona’s Twitch stream here, as well as his Twitter here.

Q: When you found out you would be substituting and streaming for CLG who was the first person you told, and how excited were you?

A: I was pretty excited that I was going to able to join the CLG organization. I looked up to all the players and I went from being a fan to being a friend to all the players. The first person I told was scarra and all he said was oh cool.. LOL.

Q: Obviously CLG is going above and beyond their expectations at MSI. As someone who’s directly involved with the team did you personally expect them to do this well?

A: I personally expected them to do this well, to be honest I was ready for them to get 1st place as well. I’m glad they went so far and proved to a lot of people they deserved to win! I feel like CLG was a very underated team leading up to the victory in Vegas. Even afterwards they were regarded as a bottom two team at MSI, but as you can see that was far from the truth! Also I wouldn’t say I was directly involved in their victory while I did help out a small bit it was nothing compared to Zikzlol that guy works so hard and it was pretty amazing to watch him coach CLG.

Q: You’ve played on Challenger teams, and now subbed for CLG, but do you have dreams and ambitions to be up on that LCS stage sooner rather than later?

A: I had dreams before of LCS but my attempt at challenger teams was pretty poor, not only from my play but the organizations that I joined were not a fun experience to put it short. But after MSI I actually have felt really inspired to get better at League. All of the guys are great players and watching how good they were was so cool.

Q: Many players families don’t approve of them taking the risk of being a “pro gamer” (although clearly proven to be very profitable if done right), how did your family react when they found out you were going to be streaming for a living?

A: They were happy for me and very supportive. I think I’m very lucky to have such supportive parents. I think esports/streaming is a very hard thing to explain to your parents because it’s literally “Hey Mom I’m going to play video games for a living!” Doesn’t sound very optimal to people that don’t know anything in the eSports scene!

Q: Aphromoo has mentioned recently that the environment in which CLG plays is an improvement this year compared to Summer Split last year. What about the CLG environment is making this team succeed as much as they have in 2016?

A: I dont live with the guys but I did live with them for 2 weeks in China! I think the environment is amazing everyone is super kind and funny and when it comes to League everyone is pretty talkative, supportive, and not afraid to accept the mistakes they make. I also can’t say much about the environment in the summer split because of course I wasnt part of the organization back then!

Q: Being at MSI have you made any friends from players on another team? If so who?

A: I wanted to befriend Perkz from G2, and the G2 team was the room next to us, but in the end I was way to shy to say anything haha. It was kind of surreal to me because I was walking beside players like Perkz, Faker, Wolf, Bang, and at heart I am a really big fan of all of those guys but I’m just way to shy to even say hello LOL!

Once again, we’d like to thank Yoona for his time and hope you enjoyed the exclusive Q & A!

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