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Biofrost joins TSM as new Support

Team SoloMid has just announced that Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang will be joining the LCS roster and will be alongside Doublelift in TSM’s bot lane. Biofrost has previously only played in in the NA Challenger Series most recently for Dream Team. This will be Biofrost’s rookie season in the NA LCS. Biofrost said the following via TSM’s Facebook announcement,

“I’m very excited that I will be joining TSM. Although I’m a rookie, I hope that with hard work and the support from both the community and my teammates I can become the support that TSM needs in order to compete at the highest level. Thanks to everyone that supported me throughout the tryout phase. I hope I can make you guys proud.”

Biofrost beat out multiple Korean Supports as well while Team SoloMid boot camped in Korea during the last month. One of TSM’s goals was to have a full English speaking team and Biofrost will make that come true, but they’re also very impressed with his upside stating, “He has made a lot of progress as a player during the short time we have known him, demonstrating to us that he’s a young player with the potential to the one of the best. He has excellent mechanics across multiple champions, and most importantly he synergizes quite well with Doublelift’s playstyle.”

This will certainly be one of the most exciting stories to begin the Summer Split in two weeks!

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