na lcs summer split power rankings

NA LCS Pre-Summer Split Power Rankings

The Summer split is just a a week and some change away and most sites are starting to release their power ranking so we’re going to be running through out Pre-Summer split power rankings! Let’s jump right in.

10. Phoenix1

With no information out on the team yet we have no choice but to give these guys last place. Their roster will likely be made up of a mix the few remaining NA free agents with what’s remaining of Team Impulse’s roster. Unfortunately that’s not going to be enough to get anything done in stronger than ever North American competition. Look for this team to be fighting relegation in a few months.

9. Apex Gaming

This roster is 10 players big (LCS/Challenger rosters), full of a team that dominated their way through the challenger series in the Spring and ex-Dignitas players. It’s not 100% set in stone which players will be starting on which team, specifically in the jungle where Diamondprox was just picked up and Eve was suspended, only leaving Shrimp on the roster to jungle prior to the signing. With roster uncertainty and attempting to mesh these rosters with multiple new players together this team will likely be bottom half of the LCS but most likely will not get relegated by the time we get to that point.

8. Echo Fox

A team that turned it on towards the end of the Spring split still doesn’t have a very strong roster in an NA LCS that’s getting increasingly better as the months pass by. It will take a large improvement from last split in order to jump into the top half of teams here, which we just don’t see happening. No changes were made to Echo Fox’s roster over the mid season break.

echo fox na lcs

7. NRG eSports

NRG changed up rosters during the mid season break in NA, and could possibly land themselves at 5-6 but it just didn’t feel safe to move them up quite yet. They took a big hit losing Impact to Cloud 9 as he was their best player last split, however he was replaced by long time Veteran Quas. This is a downgrade in the top lane. Ohq got his move from Challenger into the LCS and will now be starting for NRG which is certainly an upgrade. KiwiKid and Santorin also joined to complete this roster. With the right synergy this team can be better than 7th, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

6. Team EnVyUs

Envy purchased Renegades LCS spot from them after their ban from professional play. They did a good job to keep a lot of the talent from a Renegades team that was meme’d to be second best in North America. The roster has three Koreans in Seraph, Ninja, and Procxin with Nientonsoh/LOD at ADC and Hakuho at support. This is a pretty strong roster on paper and has an outside chance to make the playoffs.

5. Team Liquid

Liquid started two rookies last season in Matt and Dardoch and they were great for rookies. They made the playoffs and had some incredible performances throughout the regular season. They’ll look to improve upon last split and could see themselves climbing these power rankings fast if their boot camp in Korea pays off like they hope it did. They still have former World Champion all star ADC Piglett who believes he’s the best ADC in North America, and Korean team mate FeniX. This is a very strong roster with lots of upside.

team liquid piglett

4. Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid performed below expectations last split, however they did have a new roster attempting to synergize together. It didn’t go as expected which lead to the departure of YellowStar back to Europe and the addition of Biofrost as TSM’s new support. This will be Biofrost’s rookie split, but word is that he works very well with Doublelift. Speak of Doublelift him and veteran Bjergsen want to bring the NA title back to TSM, but will they have what it takes to beat the top tier of NA?

3. Cloud 9

This is the most improved roster of the Mid-Season break. They added an all star player in Impact to replace Balls who will be playing for Cloud 9’s challenger team. Cloud 9 also gets the return of fan favorite Meteos in the Jungle and Sneaky will remain the ADC. Sneaky will be with a new Support however in BunnyFuFuu who had been serving as a substitute last split for Cloud 9. This roster has potential to win North America.

2. Counter Logic Gaming

It’s really hard not to put CLG above the rest after their performance in both the last two Splits in North America, and performing as well as they did as MSI earlier this month. While this team was climbing through the playoffs last split no one really gave them a chance against either Team Liquid or TSM and they proved the doubters wrong. CLG will be bringing in the same roster as they had in the Spring which still leaves a question mark in the Mid lane with Huhi, who showed at MSI there’s much room for improvement in CLG’s mid lane. This will be his second split, and if he improves a bit watch out!

1. Immortals

Immortals tore through this region last split, nearly going undefeated in the regular season minus one loss to Counter Logic Gaming. Admittedly they did choke in the playoffs and cost themselves a spot at MSI to show if they’re really as good as they look to be on the global stage. It’s hard to believe an almost perfect regular season was a fluke last split and this team deserves to be respected as a legit Global threat if they show up again this split. If they aren’t as impressive look for this team to fall hard in the power rankings.

These power rankings will update after every League of Legends North American LCS week of play.

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