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NA LCS Week 1 Summer Split Power Rankings

With the first week of LCS behind us we’re ready to update our power rankings based on the first week of play. There’s going to be quite a bit of movement as we released our pre-split power rankings quite a few weeks ago, and in the professional scene a lot can change in a short amount of time. Let’s jump in.

10. Phoenix1 (0)

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. The future is grim for Phoenix1, as their roster just isn’t really LCS caliber. If we had to bet on it they’ll be in relegations based on the first week of play. Not much more to say here, it’s really going to be tough for these guys top climb out of 10th with how well some of the other younger organizations are doing.

9. NRG eSports (-2)

NRG really flopped on opening week. NRG had a fairly easy schedule this week going against two new LCS teams in Envy and Apex, and they only won a single game in best of 3 format. The addition of Ohq had our hopes up, but he certainly doesn’t look like the Korean solo queue monster he is supposed to be. He has a very weak core around him, and it’ll take a lot for NRG to be able to get out of relegation status. With the amount of investments put into this team this is a real head scratcher, if they can avoid relegations they need to make some bigger signings to surround Ohq with some more talent.

echo fox froggen

Riot Games

8. Echo Fox (0)

We really want to rank these guys higher, but it just wouldn’t seem fair. Echo Fox is such a likeable team with the emergence of Keith and kfo. They performed very well in week one, however the way the cards have fallen it appears they’ll have to stay put for this week. They narrowly lost to Cloud 9 in the final match of the week, and showed they were much better than last place team Phoenix1. Look for this team to climb as the weeks progress.

7. Apex (+2)

Apex had a fantastic weekend, and crushed all their expectations. They beat defending back to back NA champions Counter Logic Gaming, and also took down NRG convincingly. This team feels a lot like Echo Fox, they’re a good team but all of the teams currently in front of them are established and they’ll just simply have to prove their worth no matter what the eye-test is telling us.

6. Team Liquid (-1)

Something smells, and it’s Team Liquid. Between all the drama regarding Dardoch, Locodoco, Moon and company this team is interally a mess right now. That’s not to say they won’t figure it out and improve in the coming weeks with Dardoch now off the bench (doesn’t take long when you’re losing, huh?) and back into the starting line up. Dardoch is an amazing player no doubt, but apparently isn’t working into the teams chemistry and is clashing heads with coach Locodoco. They look pretty weak with Moon in the line up, and even after replacing him with Dardoch they didn’t manage to win a single game on opening weekend. Name recognition is keeping them in the top 6 right now.

5. Cloud 9 (-2)

It’s not Cloud 9’s fault exactly that they’ve fallen two spots this week, we did over hype them. The return of Meteos and the addition of Impact in the top lane is, and was exciting during week one, and they did show glimmers of hope that they can return to Cloud 9’s old form on top North America. They grabbed a game against a very strong Immortals team, and squeaked out a win over Echo Fox this week finishing 1-1 on the weekend.

c9 meteos

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4. Team EnVyUs (+2)

A climb in the rankings for Envy, and rightfully so. Although they did play weak opponents on their opening weekend in a struggling Team Liquid and NRG, they still looked impressive. Don’t forget this roster is essentially Renegades who were hyped to be top two in NA. We’re loving the play from Seraph, Procxin, and Ninja and we’re looking forward to seeing this team improve throughout the split and maybe even upset someone in the playoffs.

3. Counter Logic Gaming (-1)

Tough weekend for CLG fans as they basically fell flat on their face. Appears to be some sort of Mid-Season Invitational hang over as CLG just couldn’t get it on track this weekend. Standout player Darshan has really struggled on this patch so far but will look to improve as we slowly move away from the tank meta and into a meta where he can be a hyper split pusher once again. Huhi looked a bit better this weekend compared to his poor performance at MSI (The mid laners he faced obviously weren’t as good as Faker) and a lot of that has to do with the mage reworks and what’s strong right now. CLG will surely bounce back.

counter logic gaming

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2. Team SoloMid (+1)

TSM made a case for best team currently in North America right now with a domination performance over defending champions CLG, and crushed Team Liquid into bringing Dardoch back into the lineup. Everyone played well and they didn’t really show a weakness in week 1, almost to the point where we had to move them up to number 1.

1. Immortals (0)

Immortals really just doesn’t lose. We realize they didn’t make it to MSI after dominating the Spring Split but one bad series doesn’t make a team not good. They showed they can certainly handle best of 3s, even when the fans don’t seem to think so. Similar weekend to Team SoloMid where at times they looked just simply unbeatable. The game to watch next week will certainly be IMT vs TSM on Sunday.

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