Team Envy an annual contender in the NA LCS?

team envy league of legends

Team Envy just started their Professional League of Legends career as a team off with a bang. For anyone who wasn’t watching they started their season the opening weekend 2-0, but it was also an impressive 2-0. Envy is a long time eSports organization, starting in 2007 specializing in Call of Duty back in the earlier stages of eSports. Hastr0, the teams owner, was also a professional player in Call of Duty. But the question is does Team Envy have what it takes to knock one of the LCS giants off their thrones, and become an annual contender?

When you think of the biggest teams in the NA LCS that aren’t going anywhere names like CLG, TSM, C9, and Team Liquid all come to mind, but Team Envy could be the next in this short list of teams competing for the title every year. Hastr0 in an interview with Yahoo!’s Travis Gafford stated “We try to go after players with that mentality of ‘I want to be successful, I want to be the best player in the world. That’s always going to be our mentality as an organization. We want to make it to the podium.”

In the interview Hastr0 also spoke about acquiring Seraph and Ninja as a package deal.

“Seraph came to me, [Seraph] said I had offers from other teams, good teams, good money. I’ve read about what you’ve done and where you’ve came from, and I want to play for you.”

Coming from a player like Seraph who moved from Korea to North American for the lone reason to play competitive League of Legends, I think that speaks volumes about the Team Envy organization in itself. Both Seraph and Ninja are starting for Team Envy at Top and Mid respectively, along with fellow Korean Procxin in the Jungle, and LOD and Hakuho in the bottom lane. This a pretty well rounded roster for only having a few weeks to get all the guys signed and together in a gaming house to take care of business in the LCS just a few weeks later.

Hastr0 also may be one of the more knowledgeable LCS team owners about League of Legends as he’s been playing for three years. He certainly isn’t any HotshotGG or Reginald, but he’s obviously done nothing but live and breathe in the eSports scene for the last 9 years. Not every team owner can say that. Hastr0 wants his team to succeed more than anything, and he’ll look to make that dream a reality. SierraMaya 360s has already invested “Seven figures” into Team EnVyUs, and are looking to building one of the first ever eSports facilities in Charlotte, NC.

envy league of legends

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Last split we saw long time (from the start) LCS team and fan favorite Dignitas fall out of the competitive scene by being relegated, which leaves light for one of these new teams to become a household name, and Team Envy can be it. They have everything in place needed to succeed. In week 2 of the NA LCS Team Envy will have a strong task facing off against another LCS up and coming team Apex on Friday, and will round out the week against the struggling Phoenix1. There’s a real chance these guys end up 4-0 at the end of week two to begin their path to their first ever LCS Summer Split playoffs.

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