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CLG is off to their worst start in the organization’s history, but could they end up 0-4?

With week two on the brink of starting we decided to do some research into how CLG has performed in previous week 1 performances in the various Splits over the years and we found a pretty cool fact. This is the worst Counter Logic Gaming has ever started a split. Never before has CLG fell to 0-2 to start a Split.

Counter Logic Gaming as an organization is coming off their most successful run ever as a team. They’ve got themselves a core group of players that are all good and can clearly win their region, winning the last two Splits. But that’s not all, they’ve also impressed on the World stage recently as well performing excellently at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. They came second in the tournament only to Korea’s SKT T1. The 0-2 start isn’t something CLG should be scared of quite yet, but if week 2 looks anything like week 1 something’s going to need to be done. Xmithie in an interview with Scarra of The Score eSports stated,

“We’re still learning the meta, we still didn’t fully recover from how we played at MSI. We’re playing a little bit messy. We’re trying to figure stuff out.”

In week 2 Counter Logic Gaming will be facing off against long time LCS teams Team Liquid, and Cloud 9. If CLG loses to Team Liquid it may be time to hit the panic button at 0-3 losing to a team who’s internally struggling between Dardoch, Moon, and coach Locodoco, and looked just absolutely horrible in week 1. A loss to Cloud 9 can be acceptable only if they win to Team Liquid.

Scarra continued on to interview Aphromoo, and like Xmithie he stated some issues about the team not being up to date on the meta and what picks they were going to branch out to on the new patch. Aphromoo told scarra, “We still need to understand the meta, didn’t know Fizz was busted.” Fizz has been being played tank top in other regions and solo queue for months, that shouldn’t be an excuse unfortunately. Aphromoo also stated he feels as if the meta has shifted from tanks. Look for CLG to perform better on patch 6.11 opposed to 6.10 due to a few changes.

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