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NA LCS Week 2 Summer Split Power Rankings

Lots of things are happening this split that just weren’t expected. Who envisioned Envy sitting atop the standings after week 2? No one. Who saw CLG in the bottom half of the standings after week 2? No one. With how hectic the Summer Split has been this far, it’s increasingly difficult to stack these teams in a Power Ranking, but we’re gonna continue to give it our best damned shot.

10. Phoenix1 (0)

Easiest decision of this entire power ranking. Bottom tier players across the roster, and their 0-4 record shows just that. They did manage to pull out 1 game win against a Cloud 9 team that’s looking better with every game, but lets be honest these guys will probably remain in 10th throughout the entire Split.

na lcs power rankings

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9. Echo Fox (-1)

Disappointing week 2 for Echo Fox. All it would’ve taken was a win over a struggling Team Liquid to at least hold their position at 8, or possibly even move up but unfortunately that’s not the case. We do think EF is going to grow as a team over this Split and continue to improve, but for now this is where they lay.

8. NRG eSports (+1)

NRG came out and managed to slightly improve over their week one performance. It was expected for NRG to lose both games this weekend, but managed to squeak out a win against Echo Fox, placing them just slightly above Echo Fox in the standings. At this point we suspect Echo Fox and NRG will be battling for the final relegation spot come the end of the split, although NRG’s roster does feel stronger than Echo Fox’s roster.

7. Apex (0)

Apex didn’t impress nearly as much in week 2 as they did in week 1, but they played a pretty tough schedule. They played two undefeated teams this weekend in Envy and TSM, and only managed to grab one game against Envy. TSM looked to be in another league compared to Apex, but Apex will most likely continue to perform well enough to beat the bottom half of teams in the LCS.

6. Team Liquid (0)

It’s starting to feel like Team Liquid is going to have to get their stuff together sooner rather than later. 6th place just isn’t living up to the 4th place potential of this team. The team seems to be a mess on the inside, and if they don’t start improving in week 3 they’re going to find themselves in a really uncomfortable place sitting in the bottom half of the LCS standings, and falling in our power rankings fast.

5. Counter Logic Gaming (-2)

Rise to demise for CLG. Last month at this time CLG was looking like the best team North America had ever seen, now they’ve lost matches to Apex and Cloud 9, teams they should be beating. They did manage to get their first win of the Split over Team Liquid this weekend, but they’re just not performing like a top 3 team in NA.

na lcs power rankings

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4. Cloud 9 (+1)

The potential we saw in the pre-season with Impact and Meteos joining the roster came to fruition in week two, 2-0ing back to back NA LCS Champions, CLG. Bunny FuFuu played out of this world this weekend, and deserves any credit he’s being given. Cloud 9 originally looked to be swapping between Bunny FuFuu and Smoothie, but we wouldn’t see surprised to see Bunny FuFuu lock up the spot for the coming weeks.

3. Team Envy (+1)

Team Envy continued to impress week 2, winning against an undefeated at the time Apex team, and a struggling Phoenix1. We are totally aboard the Team Envy hype train, and cannot wait to see them play some tougher competition. We’ll see where this team really stacks up next week when they take on Immortals and CLG.

2. Immortals (-1)

Pretty obvious here, Immortals has looked fantastic this split, and we just saw their second ever regular season loss this weekend against TSM. It was easily the most entertaining game of the week with the most on the line and it certainly didn’t disappoint, the series could of went either way. Cannot wait to see this rematch in the final week of the LCS.

1. Team SoloMid (+1)

Maybe TSM should have been rank 1 earlier, they’ve looked unstoppable throughout the split, minus one series to Immortals who had previously held the first rank of our power rankings the previous two weeks. Immortals and TSM and the clear front runners for the title after two weeks into the season. Biofrost has played amazing for a rookie, and single handedly won the series against Immortals this weekend with this fantastic Bard ult.

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