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Zentinel departs Phoenix1, open to offers

News broke this morning that Zentinel of newly founded LCS team Phoenix1 will be stepping down from his position within the team. Zentinel tweeted out the following:

Inori, who was most recently on Team Dignitas is going to take over the starting Jungling role for Phoenix1. It’s unclear whether this was a move that was made by the team or Zentinel himself. The way this usually works out is that the organization decided they would be better off switching Inori to the starter and Zentinel to the bench, and Zentinel most likely didn’t like that. The way he dealt with it was by departing the team, and is now looking to join another.

Zentinel’s services won’t be too sought after, he may be able to start for a Challenger team, however. If any more news breaks on the situation you can stay tuned to LoLNews!

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