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Reginald calls out Dream Team for not paying Biofrost, Dream Team denies accusations

Since Reginald retired from professional play he’s done a pretty decent job at staying out of drama within the community, but just a few hours ago he called out Dream Team’s ownership on not paying Biofrost.

Reginald continued on in a TwitLonger stating “Dream Team played 3 official matches with Bio and they are trying to play it off as if those matches were the end Bio’s service even though in his initial LOI he was supposed to be paid monthly… Because of non-payment for several months, he proceeded to look for other options and applied to TSM.” Reginald continued on bashing Dream Team,

“Dream Team is clearly taking advantage of players that are extremely young without any legal experience. They proceeded to threaten us and then gave up because they had no grounds for a lawsuit.”

Hours later, Dream Team’s Keaton responded via TwitLonger stating “The reason Biofrost is not owed any money is due to the reasoning that he terminated his agreement with Dream Team in order to leave for Korea and tryout for TSM. Vincent’s LOI states that he agrees to not engage in additional opportunities. Vincent decided to terminate his initial agreement and not sign into a formal contract.” He went on to explain that Dream Team is innocent in this whole thing, and that Biofrost chose not to sign the paperwork required to receive payment.

To read all the drama you can check out the following links!

Reginald’s TwitLonger
Dream Team’s response

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