NA LCS Week 3 Summer Split Power Rankings

na lcs week 3 power rankings

Another week of LCS, a few more surprises as usual! CLG continues to struggle, Team Envy continues to impress, and well TSM is untouchable so far. There’s obviously been a few changes in our rankings this week, so let’s jump right in!

10. Phoenix1 (0)

What can we really say? Phoenix1 still hasn’t impressed anyone, losing both their match ups this weekend. The only news coming from the organization is that Inori may be taking the place of Zentinal sooner rather than later. Phoenix1 planned to originally go with Inori, but he and the organization have been struggling with Visa issues. Zentinal even has a plane ticket out of town before he was called by the team to continue starting while they work on the Visa issue. Phoenix got swept by Team Liquid, and managed to grab one game vs Apex.

9. Echo Fox (0)

No change from Fox here as well. As much as we like this organization and Rick Fox they just haven’t been able to put it together thus far on the Rift. Echo Fox lost to a struggling CLG, and got absolutely wrecked by Immortals (as to be expected). The team we saw throughout the final weeks of the Spring Split seemingly has disappeared and they’re back to being bottom dwellers, thankfully for them Phoenix1 is keeping them out of 10th.

8. NRG eSports (0)

Same story, another week. The bottom half of teams in the LCS don’t look like they’re going to be able to match up against the top half at any point here, I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if we don’t see NRG, Echo Fox, or Phoenix1 climb out of the bottom three positions throughout the entire split. NRG got beaten by Team Liquid 2-1, and also got 2-0’d by TSM.


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7. Counter Logic Gaming (-2)

For consecutive weeks now CLG has fallen two spots in our Power Rankings, and for good reason. They’re considerably behind the top teams in the standings, and when you watch them play they’re just not as decisive and through as they were last split at this time. They’re off to not only the worst start in the team’s history, but the worst start for a defending champion is well. If this team actually manages to finish bottom half of the standings look for some roster moves to be made, specifically in the Mid-lane where Huhi has always appeared to be the weakest link. Stixxay also under performed this week.

6. Apex (+1)

Apex’s really impressed week 1, fell off in week 2, and managed to split their games this week, overall netting them +1 to over take the struggling CLG in the power rankings. Apex beat Phoenix1 to no surprise, but also had one of, if not the closest game of the weekend against Cloud 9 where they barely lost the series. Apex has a game against Team Liquid next week to decide who’s the better of the 3-3 teams.

5. Team Liquid (+1)

Team Liquid after all the drama seemed to finally put some puzzle pieces together this weekend. They’re overall better than CLG in the split even though they’ve clearly been dealing with some internal organization issues. However, Team Liquid did play the two worst teams in the LCS in NRG and Phoenix1, and will have a bigger test next week against Apex and Immortals, they’ll need to win at least one of those series to remain in the top half of teams.

team liquid fenix

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4. Cloud 9 (0)

Cloud 9 is exactly what they appear to be… Good, not great. The off season addition of world champion Impact, along with the return of Meteos has certainly sparked the team. They seem to have a strange revolving door at support between Smoothie and BunnyFuFuu (Doublelift isn’t too fond of the Bunny.) that doesn’t quite seem to make sense yet. They don’t necessarily follow a pattern with their substitutions, they just do it. With an elite support this could be a top two team, but neither of them are really impressive. Cloud 9 fell to TSM as expected this week, and finished the week with a win over Apex.

3. Team Envy (0)

Team Envy vs Counter Logic Gaming was a great series to watch. The aspect of Seraph getting his revenge on CLG (although a lot of the players are no longer the same from his days), and Envy just proving that they’re a team that belongs after beating the reigning champs. Envy did lose to Immortals 2-0, but it’s been pretty clear that TSM and Immortals are on their own levels.

2. Immortals (0)

No surprise here, or at the number 1 spot. Immortals played a solid weekend, winning both their series 2-0 against a strong Team Envy and a weak Echo Fox. Immortals appears to be firing on all cylinders and is the clear 2nd favorite in North America

bjergsen imagine dragons

1. Team SoloMid (0)

What can you say about TSM? They’re undefeated, and looking to become the first ever team to go undefeated and win the championship within the same split. There’s still awhile to go, but with Hauntzer, Doublelift, and Bjergsen all playing out of this world, as well as Biofrost and Svenskaren playing above average it’s entirely possible for them to do it. Obviously with new patches and meta shifts teams can become better or worse, only time will tell for TSM.

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