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Assassins next League of Legends class to be reworked

league of legends assassin rework

Riot announced today that their next class update will be Assassins. Most recently we saw the mage rework in patch 6.9, and before that we saw the ADC rework at the start of Season 6. Riot has struggled to balance Assassins in the past, and will look to correct their issues going forward. Statikk, from Riot’s ‘Boards’ stated

“At the same time, Assassins have historically been a problematic class for us to tackle. They have been tough to balance because of how frustrating they can be to play against especially when they get ahead.”

Riot mentioned three key points they wanted to hit on in the rework, 1) Ensure Assassin gameplay is healthy, 2) Ensure each Assassin brings something unique to the table, and 3) Allow Assassins to meaningfully contribute toward their team winning the game. At the core, Assassins do one thing, they’re very good at killing one single target, and fast. This will make point two hard to achieve as there’s over 100 champions in the game with no signs of slowing down.

No date has been given for the completion of the class rework, but following their current schedule it’d be wise to believe they’ll be done for Season 7’s pre-season.

You can check out the entire post from Statikk on Riot’s ‘Boards’ here. Now let’s just hope they nerf Zed!

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