immortals vs clg

Will CLG be able to overcome their struggles, or will Immortals get their revenge?

This Split didn’t start off the way Counter Logic Gaming intended, currently sitting at 2-4, their worst start in team history. Tonight at 8PM EST they take on the 2nd best team in North America, Immortals. The last time CLG and Immortals faced off was the Spring Split regular season where CLG managed to upset the undefeated at the time Immortals. Neither roster has changed since that match some months ago, and Immortals hasn’t forgotten who finally made them mortal.

It’s very clear that CLG needs the win much more than Immortals does right now, but Immortals is sure to still have a salty taste in their mouths heading onto the stage tonight. Immortals has only ever lost two regular season games, one against TSM this split and their first ever to CLG last Spring which they certainly haven’t let slip out of their mind. That makes this week’s Game of the Week that much more important.

clg vs immortals

CLG is struggling, they clearly and desperately need the win tonight. They’ve pulled plenty excuses regarding meta shifts and finding an identity but there’s no more time for excuses if CLG wants to be a playoff team. This meta should support the CLG was saw last split with the Trinity Force buffs Darshan should be much more effective than he was in the tank meta, however that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening. Darshan has struggled mightily this Split compared to the Tank meta where he was able to perform greatly in the Spring playoffs and at MSI. Huhi has also struggled since the 6.9 patch that’s reworked the mid-lane.

Immortals on the other hand has kind of always been better than CLG. We’ve seen this team for a Split and a half now, and throughout that entire time they’ve been better than CLG minus one match. Yes they did lose to TSM in the Spring playoffs so they could not get their revenge on CLG there, however they have the chance to tonight. Huni, Pobelter, and Reignover have been playing out of this world for about a year now, and even WildTurtle appears to be doing well in the current meta.

All in all, CLG’s chances are really slim today, I’d give them about a 10% chance to actually be able to take down Immortals, about about a 50% chance to win one game in the best of three.

LoLNews Prediction: 2-0 Immortals

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