na lcs week 4 power rankings

NA LCS Week 4 Summer Split Power Rankings

Week 4 has drawn to a close and at this point in the split we now have a very good understanding of where exactly these teams are all stacking up against each other. Envy isn’t top tier just yet, TSM are the best thing since sliced bread, and CLG continues to struggle as the weeks go by. Not many changes this week, but let’s get started!

10. Phoenix1 (0)

What’s there to say? Phoenix1 hasn’t won a single series yet. They’ve gotten a few wins under their belt, but are yet to be able to get a 1 in the W column. Phoenix1 did manage to get a single game win against NRG this week, but overall continued to look and act like the worst team in North America. They got swept by the struggling CLG. There’s no where but up from here though, right?

9. Echo Fox (0)

Once again, no movement here. Echo Fox did surprise some people this weekend as they managed to grab a game from TSM in their best of three, but eventually would fall to the undefeated NA LCS front runners. They ended out the weekend with an embarrassing 2-0 loss to Apex, a team that in theory shouldn’t be too far ahead of Echo Fox. Froggen is the only real threat on this team, and desperately needs a supporting cast around him.

8. NRG eSports (0)

NRG did manage to pick up a win this weekend against none other than Phoenix1, and go absolutely demolished by Cloud 9 as expected. This is a bottom three team in the LCS no doubt about it, luckily for them they just look ever so slightly better than their competition at 9 and 10.

7. Counter Logic Gaming (0)

We simply cannot believe week 4 of the Summer Split and passed and CLG has a losing record. After their amazing performance the last two splits coupled with their MSI performance no one on Earth saw this one coming. CLG did manage to show they’re still leaps and bounds above the bottom three in the LCS, and even managed to get a game on Immortals however that’s just not good enough for the back to back defending champs.

na lcs power rankings

6. Apex (0)

Up and down week for Apex. They’ve continually shown they are the middle of the pack team in the NA LCS this split. Simply put they beat the teams you’d expect them to beat, and they lose to the ones you’d expect them to lose to. They’re a gambler’s best friend. They did fall flat against Team Liquid this week, showing they don’t exactly deserve to jump them in the standings just yet.

5. Team Liquid (0)

Faby has been subbed in for the last two weeks, and it’s somehow helped Team Liquid. Piglet is now playing on Team Liquid Academy and has apparently been dealing with League of Legends burnout (Overwatch, anyone?!) Dardoch, Jungler for Team Liquid also stated he wouldn’t be surprised if Faby remains the ADC for the entire Split. Liquid did grab a win over Apex this week, but dropped a series to Immortals 2-0. CLG, TL, and Apex are very equal right now in terms of skill it appears to the eye and will likely be battling for the final playoff spot.

4. Team Envy (-1)

Envy was and still is our dark horse to really have an impact on this Split and go much farther than we expected, however the last two weeks have been sort of a come back down to Earth moment for the rising team. After starting out 4-0 Team Envy is now sitting at 5-3, going 1-3 in their last four matches against teams they “should” have lost to. Seraph pulled out the surprise Hecarim top lane pick this week, and while it worked early game it didn’t exactly pan out. This team is still very exciting to watch.

3. Cloud 9 (+1)

At the start of the split we had Cloud 9 ranked number 3 in the Power Rankings and let me tell you we got A LOT of flack for that one. Here we are just four weeks into the Split and they’re back again. Cloud 9 has looked pretty good throughout the last two weeks and currently even hold the third place spot in the NA LCS standings. Meteos returned right back into form as if he had never missed a beat, and the addition of Impact in the top lane was exactly what we thought it should be, fantastic.

na lcs power rankings

2. Immortals (0)

Immortals continued to make their opponents cripple this weekend, getting their revenge on CLG Friday night, and 2-0ing Team Liquid on Saturday. This team looks nearly unstoppable and it seems like everyone is just kind of sitting around waiting for the Immortals vs TSM rematch.

1. Team SoloMid (0)

TSM continues their quest to become to first undefeated regular season team in NA LCS history. They’re currently sitting at 8-0 after demolishing Team Envy, and edging out Echo Fox 2-1. Next week they’ll look to continue on to 10-0 as they play last place Phoenix1, and their struggling rivals, Counter Logic Gaming. Everyone on this team is playing lights out, even Biofrost who’s most likely leading the charge for Rookie of the Split at this moment.

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