5V5 Ranked Queue returns to League of Legends

ranked 5v5 season 6

The much missed ranked 5v5 queues are returned to League of Legends, Riot announced today. After much uproar from the community regarding the removal of solo queue and team ranked queues Riot has finally attempted to put a band-aid on it’s mistake. From League’s website “We’re bringing back the Ranked Team 5s during scheduled windows throughout the week where you can compete in premade 5v5 games with no tier restrictions.”

Unfortunately, this change isn’t going to be permanent, it’s basically going through a test run. You’ll only be able to play ranked 5v5 during certain hours of the day. Those hours are the following:

Monday – Friday: 4:00PM – 10:00PM PDT
Saturday – Sunday: 2:00PM – 10:00PM PDT

Additionally, there are a few requirement to make a Ranked team, and they are as follows:

•You must be level 30 to create a ranked team
•You have to own at least 16 champions to play in any ranked queue
•A Ranked 5s team can have up to nine players, with no restrictions on which tiers can join
•Teams must play five games to become officially ranked and placed in the appropriate tier and division
•You can suit up for five different teams at any given time
•You can leave a team at any time, unless you’re the team captain–if you’re captain, you’ll have to remove all players from the team before you can duck out (which disbands the team entirely)

Why is Riot deciding to only release ranked 5s on a schedule? They want to monitor the “health” or activity of the queues during the times they’re up to see just how popular they are within the community. All in all this is a great re-addition to the game, and actually something the community wants. Looks like we’re still going to have to continue waiting for solo queue and sandbox mode though!

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